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Reshape Nasal Cartilage

First you must understand that the Nose Right is the best device to make your nose smaller without surgery. If you do not want to get one, then below are other techniques that can make your nose smaller without surgery.


The underlying structure of nose is very complex and composed of bone, soft tissue, cartilage etc. The desire to change nose size is not of this day. People wanted it for centuries for different reasons. Even once the size of nose was thought to be the determinant of virility or wit. Nose surgery was first done in early 500 B.C to help those people who lost their nose forcibly as punishment against crime. So today you can either make a big nose with makeup in disguise or you can choose Rhinoplasty- a nose surgery but you cannot let your nose remain smaller. We shall discuss about a controversial method in this article you can alter your nose shape by affecting cartilage. It is similar to that when doctors suggest a nose job. You need to be cautious that this technique may be dangerous if practised too often and you cannot permanently change the nose size. It is at best temporarily. If done incorrectly, it brings side effects like surgery.


  • Understand cartilage:
  • Cartilage is a sensitive connective tissue what prevents bones from mutual rubbing.
  • It is also used in the body to shape other structures like the nose.
  •  Cartilage can turn into bone in course of time.
  • It can be manipulated because it is mainly composed of water(about 70% ).
  • Chondrocytes, proteoglycans, protein and collagen are other components of the cartilage.
  • Remember that for making the nose permanently smaller you are resorting to a home surgery by affecting the cartilage of your nose.
  • Then wash your nose area though it is not compulsory, but it is better to do.
  • Hold the nose top with thumb and index of your fingers.
  • Bring your fingers aside the nose slowly. Do not press or pull.
  • Keep doing it for 2-3 minutes starting from the nose-top each time.
  • Repeatedly do it for about fifty times in a day or more.
  • The result may come in 2 or 3 months.


  • Do not pick the nose. Compulsive picking of nose is known as Rhinotillexomania. It can increase your nose size and invite infections or even more dangerous trouble.
  •  You look smart in just what you are. You do not look ugly if you don’t have appearance like Anne Hathaway. We all have got our own style. We all look great in our way. So, do not stress yourself even when you are doing this.


  • Messing with the nose can badly affect including infections, tough breathing or even (iatrogenic) deformities.
  •  If you are young you have more soft and ductile cartilage but it is more vulnerable to disfiguration or any other side effects.
  •  Remember, your nose may be smaller than it seems to you.
  •  It will make the whole exercise futile if you press on your nose while doing this.
  •  And if you move bridge bone too much it will bring trouble of breathing.