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What is the "Nose Right" ?

The Nose Right is a popular Nose Job alternative that actually reshapes your nasal cartilage to make your nose smaller. Cartilage is comprised of %75 water, so it can be molded and shaped with constant pressure. The Nose Right isn't just a simple clamp, but employs the perfect amount of pressure to reduce the size of your nose. In fact, doctors have been doing this for a really long time. Here is information on a Medical account on Nasal Reshaping where real doctors have actuallys successfully done this with the same principle as the Nose Right.

What is the Nose Right good for:

  • Bulbous Noses
    • To get rid of a bulbous nose with the Nose Right, you must understand that the tip of your nose contains fibro-fatty tissue as well as cartilage. Its important to use the Nose Right for a longer period of time daily. Nose Right team suggests using the Nose Right for 15 minutes a day, but it is necessary to use it for 20-40 minutes a day to work effectively for this type of nose.
  • Humped or "roman" noses
    • You need to place the Nose Right on the part of the nose where the hump slopes down. Place it there and the hump should immediately even out visually. If you research non-surgical rhinoplasty, you will find surgeons who exercise this practice using fillers to even out the hump. They place the filler on the portion of the hump which dips down to even out the hump. This is what your doing, but with your own cartilage. You are raising your cartilage naturally and gradually to even out your hump.
  • Thick noses
    • To reduce a thicker dorsum its important to wear the Nose Right in three different places to effectively make your nose smaller. The Dorsum contains a larger piece of cartilage that is oblong and you must affect the entire area.
  • Crooked noses
    • You should place the Nose Right just where the angle of your crooked nose begins, as you see your nose straightening out, then you should move it down further. Experimentation is really key, everyone's nose is very different and dynamic. But the Nose Right team can tell you, that the Nose Right works best for crooked noses. In fact much of our positive user responses are from people who had fixed their crooked nose. Ideally you should be placing the Nose Right on three different parts of the nose for 15 minutes a time a day to be able to affect the entire septum more dramatically.
  • Wide Nostril noses
    • To reduce your ala cartilage you must wear the Nose Right for a longer period of time, about 20-40 minutes daily.